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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child too young for speech-language therapy?

Research shows that the earlier a child receives intervention, the better. If you are concerned about your toddler's ability to understand basic concepts or follow verbal directions, use gestures, words, or make sounds, get in touch today to discuss your concerns. 

What is the recommended length and frequency of sessions?

 This is determined by family preferences, child's age, and the nature of the speech or language delay or disorder. 

What are your fees?

60 minute evaluation OR treatment session - $115

45 minute treatment session - $85

Report writing (for evaluation results) is billed at $120/hr

*note: you can opt out of an evaluation report and assessment results will be used to determine treatment goals.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes; we are registered as a healthcare provider with Alberta Blue Cross, Sun Life, Canada Life (previously Great West Life), and Manulife. 

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