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Services are provided to families living in Lethbridge and surrounding areas including Coalhurst, Coaldale, Monarch, Shaugnessy, Nobleford, Stirling, Picture Butte, Barnwell, Taber, Raymond, Magrath, and Milk River.  

Evaluation and therapy sessions are completed through telepractice, at our office location, or in the comfort of your home with COVID precautions in place.


Children ages 2-10 

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Do you or others have trouble understanding your child's speech?

Do you rely on a sibling to "translate" what your child says?

Does your child switch or omit sounds?

Does your child experience frustration or bullying because they can't be understood?

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Does your child have trouble understanding verbal directions or answering questions?

Is your toddler using less words than same-aged peers?

Does your child have trouble answering questions or organizing their thoughts to retell stories about their day?



Does your toddler have difficulty with simple back-and-forth social interaction, or show lack of interest? Does your preschooler show a lack of flexibility in their play or struggle with turn-taking? Does your child have trouble understanding personal space, initiating conversation with peers, or staying on topic? 


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Is your child over the age of 4 and stuttering?

Do you have a family history of stuttering?

Does your child demonstrate any negative attitudes toward their unsmooth speech, or avoid talking for fear of stuttering? 


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Does your toddler show a lack of interest in shared book reading?

Does your preschooler have difficulty learning or remembering the names of letters, or have trouble recognizing the letters in their own name?

Does your child have trouble with reading comprehension?


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